66.1%of MS Registered Professional Geologists reside out of state and are residents of Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, and Florida but also have workprojects inMississippi.On a percentage basis this statistic is essentially the same as similar professional boards of licensure/registration in Mississippi, including engineers.​​​

​​Mississippi was the first state in the U.S. to use the Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG) Fundamentals of Geology (FG) examination as an exit exam for senior-level geology majors at all of the state’s universities and colleges that offer degrees in geology. Currently all state universities under the agency “Institutions of Higher Learning” (IHL) require that the exam be taken before a degree in geology will be conferred. Successful passage of the ASBOG examinations is required by every state and one territory prior to the initial licensure/registration of a geologist who desires to publicly practice geology. The MSBRPG became a member of ASBOG in 1999.​

Model Law - The Professional Geologists Model Licensure Law Adopted by ASBOG. In November, 2005 ASBOG adopted the Model Law for Geologists. That model law is currently being supplemented with the development of Model Rules. The law can be found on the ASBOG web site​​.​​

Initial Legislation - 1997 Legislature: ​The introduction of the 1997 legislation dealing with the registration for geologists was in the Senate's Oil and Gas Committee and the House of Representative's Conservation and Water Resources Committee.​​​​

​During the 2004 Legislative Session the MS Board of Registered Professional Geologists recommended that a Liaison Committee be formed with the Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors to promote dialogue between the two boards. That committee, since it was formed, consists of two members of both boards and their executive directors. 

​​​Pending in the Mississippi State Legislature is a bill that re-enacts the RPG Act of 1997 that was proposed for the current 2006 legislative session. The MSBRPG chose to introduce this bill on or about January 11, 2006. The MSBRPG up until only days before that time had not considered its introduction until the 2007 Legislative Session scheduled to begin in January, 2007. This legislation affects only the public practice of geology inthe state of Mississippi and does not affect any other legally recognized professional practice or profession.​

Board Meetings: Did you know that you can attend board meetings? The board meets approximately every quarter and your participation and involvement is welcomed.​​

Years of Geologic Experience. Collectively, the MSBRPG board members and its director have an average of approximately 30 years each of geologic work experience.​​

Board’s Director: The board’s Director is a registered professional geologist. Most boards of licensure/registration in Mississippi generally have administrators who have no educational and/or practical experience in the area of licensure/registration that they are charged to administer.​​​

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